Direct Selling – Global Industry, Empowering millions in India

FICCI Direct Selling task Force has been working relentlessly on critical issues of the industry and also been actively involved in the policy, strategy, capacity building and global recognition for the Indian industry. FICCI Direct Selling Task Force is organizing for its annual Direct Selling mega event “DIRECT -2014”, on 4th December, 2014 at New Delhi, the first ever mega event on Direct Selling Industry after MARK ‘e’ DIR. FICCI Direct Selling task force will also be launching a FICCI – KPMG knowledge paper titled ‘Global Industry – empowering millions in India”. This is a unique study which would act as a reservoir of data and desired policy directives.


  • Debate the key policy issues within the sector
  • Discuss about the changing consumerism and ways to capitalize it
  • Deliberate on harvesting the potential of the sector
  • Contemplate on the way ahead
Direct - 2014